Who am I?

I was born on the beautiful island of Grenada and immigrated to Canada at age eight. I received my bachelor of education degree from Nipissing University and a bachelor of science degree in psychology from Trent University. I have completed several courses at Drake University and York University.  I continue to learn on a daily basis, from my students, my colleagues but mostly from life itself.

I have been fortunate to share my learning journey through the publication of my books.  Over the past decade, I have written books that address important issues in literacy education:  Integrating the new literacies (digital, social, media and critical literacy)  into students’ daily learning; Developing an assessment based writing process (including student created success criteria and descriptive feedback); Fostering a thriving independent reading program; and Addressing the need to support students with active listening skills.  My partnership with Pembroke Publishers has allowed me opportunities to speak at various universities and conferences around Ontario.  I enjoy meeting new friends and discovering ways in which they have met with success with their students.

I currently teach in an elementary school and believe that teaching is a profession of passion.  As teachers, we shape the citizens who will lead us into the future. I think it is so important to connect with each student on a personal level  finding the things that interest and inspire each of them. I began teaching not because I was inspired by one great teacher in my life, but by many, and I hope that one day someone may remember me as making a difference in their life. The good kids are easy to teach; the kids that are hard to teach are the ones who define good teachers.

The field of education is evolving rapidly, and I believe that it is important to stay abreast of the current philosophies in education. I think that teaching is part science and part art. As professionals, we need to trust ourselves to personalize, integrate, and synthesize a variety of instructional methods and subject areas into our classrooms.  Thanks for joining me on a journey of learning.

Pembroke Author Profile:  http://www.pembrokepublishers.com/bio.cgi?id=91

Stenhouse Author Profile:  http://www.stenhouse.com/html/authorbios_244.htm


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