Endings and Beginnings

17 06 2016

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Untitled2Seven years ago, I cased the new school being built in my neighbourhood.  I knew that there were seven different types of bricks, a staff room in the corner and an extra large classroom with a kitchen in the back.  I peered through the windows anxious to see what lay beyond the walls.  One day, I coerced a friendly construction worker to allow me to wander the halls.  I held my breath as I walked room to room, the blue and yellow bathrooms, the pods that linked the upstairs classroom.  It was a wonderful building, full of hopes and dreams of the amazing things that were to come.

Untitled1It wasn’t long before those walls rang with the shouts and laughs of children.  Our young staff eager to build a school community on solid foundations of shared beliefs.  We instantly became a family.  At our opening day assembly our students barely filled half of the gym.  A perfect “Storm” coming together for the first time.

Seven years at “the Lakes” have flown by.

I have lived life along side of some of the most incredible people I have ever met in my life.  They are ‘my village’.

The kids at ‘the Lakes’ have been my inspiration.  Their creativity fuels my spirit.  They have taught me the importance of inquiry, student driven learning, and the value of humour.  They have kept me laughing (most days) and kept me thinking.  They have challenged me and learned alongside of me.  They have watched me fail and I have watched them succeed, and we have explored our passions together.  They have been the best teacher I could have ever hoped to learn from.  I have learned the importance of caring.  I have learned the value of motivation. They have all become ‘my children’.

Leaving “the Lakes” will be hard.  Those walls are now filled with incredible memories. It will be an ending to a wonderful phase in my life.


After The Storm comes the rainbow.  I’m SO EXCITED!!!! One of the things I loved most about my job was when I was given the opportunity to lead professional learning.  For a few years now, I have known that I wanted to do something outside the classroom.  But I couldn’t figure out what.  Then THIS came along!  I am thrilled to be joining the DLRT (Digital Literacy Resource Teacher) team.  I am eager to support modern learning in my board and to be a part of professional learning on a larger scale.

This new beginning has so many unknowns.  I am curious about what my day-to-day will look like, I’m uncertain about many of my roles and responsibilities, and I’m a little nervous about the wealth of information I will need to become familiar with.  But I’m SO excited!!! This is another new beginning!  I know I will be challenged.   I know I will struggle, I know I will succeed, but most of all I will learn.  I can’t wait to meet my new ‘village’.

I feel like peeking in windows to see what the offices look like.





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