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28 04 2013

I’ve started and erased a reply to your post a number of times, Lisa. I’m still trying to think of a way to express a thought about your post. I think I’ll focus on “Was it a bad idea?” and to that, I’ll say no. The point, from my perspective, is that this particular conversation wasn’t happening. Through the face to face and the hashtag, the conversation was ignited. In the room, there were a number of voices that were not heard. That bothers me. It makes you wonder why. Extrapolated to the online world, how many voices out there are not heard because of the overpowering presence of some?

28 04 2013
Louise Robitaille

But…is there a small voice of discontent that has overpowered the voice of positive interaction?

28 04 2013
Lisa Donohue

If it’s knowledge about the realities of social media they wanted.. that’s exactly what they got. As far as our personal PLNs, I’m sure that we will resolve to move forward together. I don’t feel guilty for going, nor do I feel responsible for those who didn’t. As far as my personal goal for the day, I’m still glowing from meeting my tweeps face-to-face regardless of the venue or forum.

28 04 2013
Louise Robitaille

Hi Lisa,
This weekend was a world wind of events….the excitement of sharing and learning…from the feeling of sadness…. that somehow #ontsm had hurt our community. I agree, that our conversation is much bigger than the publisher had anticipated….so now….Where will it take us, I wonder!

28 04 2013
Royan Lee

Your question at the end says it all. This post really hit me: eloquent, critical, and exactly on point.

28 04 2013
Lisa Donohue

Thanks Royan,
It’s never a ‘bad thing’ when learning happens….as long as we learn from it.

28 04 2013
Lisa Donohue

Thanks Doug, I agree that it was not a bad idea. It’s a bit of a catch22. Publisher’s need input from teachers, but then teachers wonder who is ‘qualified’ to provide that input.
I couldn’t agree more about the power of some voices to cause others to be silenced.
On the other hand, I chose not to share my thoughts out loud in the room… I did however, join in the conversation on the hashtag and with my table groups. I feel that my voice was ‘heard’.

29 04 2013

Lisa, thanks so much for this – you reflected some of the things I felt, too. And I, too, chose not to be part of full-group sharing (people on my staff are falling on the floor as we speak), while I did share in the chat on twitter, and participated in a major way in my table groups. I was content – in full group, to take in different points of view and reflect (okay, so I’m still reflecting).I also felt that I was clearly heard during the day.

I think our PLN will be stronger for this – we ask questions – it’s what we’re good at – we use that reflective model where we go back at the question again, and think about how we might do it differently next time.

I’ve been wondering how I might have felt looking in on this. I’m not sure it would have bothered me….but maybe I’m not digging into that one far enough.

The conversation will continue, I’m sure, and morph, and go rhizomatic, as it always does, and that’s a good thing.

29 04 2013

I enjoyed you comment at the beginning of the day about it being a reunion 🙂

Voices and words are very important as are thoughts and ideas. Meeting together allows us to share all of these things in both large and small groups! You are absolutely right about the power of social media being that it invites in other voices and ideas that take the conversation farther and deeper.

We all need to challenge each other to think deeper and more critically and make sure all the voices and ideas are included. As we all know learning is messy and can be uncomfortable – I take that to mean we are on to something …

Thanks for sharing your thoughts so eloquently!!

29 04 2013
Lisa Donohue

Thanks Alana,
I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I think the conversations that were started are only a part of the learning… perhaps the rest is yet to come.

29 04 2013
Jane Mitchinson

Lisa. “It’s never a ‘bad thing’ when learning happens….as long as we learn from it.” Couldn’t agree more. There are issues that came up that I had never even thought about before this whole event. They challenged me as a social media user, a member of the teachers’ PLN, and as someone trying to find her voice in virtual spaces.
Thanks for your insightful post.

29 04 2013
Lisa Donohue

Jane, I think we were all challenged to rethink a lot of things… but in a group of innovators, that’s a good thing.
Thanks for your comment.

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