The 21 Teachers in my Room

13 10 2011

This year I have the most wonderful class!  Not because the are all brilliant or well-behaved although that’s true for some of them.  They are the most wonderful class because they challenge me.  This year, I’m teaching a grade that I haven’t taught in a while, in a way that I’ve never taught it before.  I’ve already re-examined my pedagogy, re-thought my approaches and tweaked my teaching style – and yet every night, I pause to reflect on our day.  I am thrilled with our little successes and perplexed at our many challenges.  As a veteran teacher, I have a rather large bag of tricks – but there are some students who are making me dig deep, examine my approaches, and refine my strategies.  This is where the wonders of science and art meld together, taking the things we know about teaching and learning, while combining them with the unique nuances that makes each child different.  I am learning more about differentiating instruction than ever before – we are setting individual goals, and constantly monitoring them.  Talk about a personalized learning experience!

This class is wonderful!  They are challenging me, and causing me to reflect, rethink and refine my teaching.  I am learning new things on a daily basis… they are some of the best teachers I have ever had.  I only hope that through my learning, I’m able to teach them a thing or two too.




One response

14 10 2011
Royan Lee

Sounds like a great year ahead to me:)

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