Getting Connected by Getting Unplugged

23 09 2011

In the last few years, I have learned the value of my social network.  I have friends I’ve never met and mentors that I’ve never spoken to.  I am able to seek advice from professionals I respect as well as getting ideas from educators I admire.  I can share my thoughts with others and easily find out what they think of my ideas.  Through digital tools, I have been able to connect with people I would have never met otherwise:  With Twitter, I can follow and chat with educators around the world, Through a blog, I can share my thoughts with the world, With FaceBook I can share pictures and events with friends and family, and Through email I can tell anyone, anything, anytime…. and they can do the same for me. 

But, is this always a good thing?  A few weeks ago, I looked around my living room and saw my son on his laptop, my daughter on her handheld, while I sat pecking away on my own keyboard.  How “connected” was I?  Was I connecting with the people who are most important?  While it’s always possible to communicate with others around the world, is it necessary to always be ‘plugged in’? Am I missing the things that are happening right in front of my eyes, because I’m too busy trying to see what else is going on in the world? 

That was when I made my decision. My goal for this school year is to “Get Connected by Getting Unplugged”.  I appreciate the irony in this.  I know that for years, I have checked my emails as the last thing before bed and the first thing in the morning.  I thought to myself “What if someone needs me?” 

The truth is, someone does need me.  In fact, many people need me – but I don’t need access to wi-fi to communicate with them.  Like everything in life, this is about balance.  It’s about time and place.  It’s about knowing who to connect with and when.  It’s about knowing when to communicate on-line and when to connect face-to-face.

So for now, my friends,  I’m powering down and going to make something out of play-dough with my kids. Perhaps I’ll check back in with you soon, but perhaps I won’t.  I’m sure someone needs me right now… and they’re not on-line.





2 responses

23 09 2011
Anne Porretta

At the risk of not being “read” any time soon, I am still sending out my affirmation of everything you have said, Lisa. It saddens me to see entire families plugged in as they wait for their meal–dad on his iphone, mom on her ipad, three children with their handheld games and not one word or warm smile being shared among them. No laughing, no shared stories, no questions, no “connections” to each other.

You are so right. Your children are still young enough for your decisions to make a difference. Make every effort to keep your promises to yourself and your family. Make memories every day!

Love your posts.

24 09 2011
Topic Trends (@Topic_Trends)

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