My New Book: The Write Voice.

8 08 2011

Every time I write a book, it’s a little like having a new baby.  From conception to delivery, it takes just about as long (give or take a month or two). Initially, the whole prospect is very exciting and a little overwhelming.  Then it seems like a whole lot of hard work… filled with occasional nausea and lots of exhaustion.   Finally when it arrives, it all seems worth it, and I just want to show it off to everyone…. So, I’m proud to introduce:  The Write Voice.

Have you ever had students whose writing seems flat and mechanical?  We all know that we need to teach students to write with voice… but what exactly is voice?   Voice is the intangible element in someone’s writing that makes it sound alive.  Can we define the elements that create that sense of voice?  Is it possible to teach voice?  Certainly!  The Write Voice, includes seven voice-building-strategies, numerous rich prompts that are sure to inspire young writers, and lots of genuine student writing samples.  Find out how you can build students’ writing voice in as little as fifteen minutes a day.

This book is available from Pembroke Publishers and other publishers of professional resources.




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