Which Days Count More?

8 06 2011

As we are approaching the final days of school, I often find myself comparing the last days of a school year to the first ones.  Many of us spend a great deal of time planning exactly how the year should start, we think of establishing routines, and setting the tone for the year.  There are even resources developed to help us begin “The First 20 Days”.  We know that the things we do in the first few days and weeks of school will greatly affect the way the rest of our year turns out.  It is essential that we set the climate, routines and expectations so the students will begin the year with a committment to success. 

Yet, now as we count down the final days of the school year, I wonder if the same passion, thought and value is being placed on the last 20 days.  I wonder if the same level of energy, committment and planning is going into the final few weeks.  Although, the first few days might set the tone for the year, the last few will be the ones that set the tone for the future.

It is important to start strong, but it is equally important to end strong.  Are you doing anything meaningful with your students in the next few weeks… or do the first 20 days count more than the last 20 days?




2 responses

8 06 2011
Royan Lee

I think we do a lot of implicit messaging in school which makes it hard to value the last 20 days. Standardized tests ending, report cards do long before the end, sudden surge in field trips, etc. Thanks for the reminder!

9 06 2011
Lisa Donohue

If life were like a sporting event, it would all come down to how we finish….not how we start. I know I’m struggling to make the last 20 days count as much as the first 20 – ….but it’s a good goal to aim for.

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