“Dandelion Wishes and Shooting Star Dreams”

19 05 2011

My nine-year old son is learning about plants in science.  His classmates started a conversation about dandelions and their fluffy white tops.  His teacher asked the students to think about why dandelions were like that.  My son, was confident that he knew the answer with certainty.  Raising his hand, he eagerly told his class why dandelions had these fluffy white balls: “They’re for making wishes on!”. 

You see, since my son was three-years old, every time he blew a dandelion, saw the first star of the night, or wished on a birthday candle, he made the same wish…. “I wish I could have a dog”.  Oh he knows that dandelions spread their seeds on the wind, and that by blowing them he is spreading the seeds and helping the plants to grow.  But for him, dandelions have a more profound purpose….dandelions make wishes come true.   He can prove it too… the puppy arrives this Saturday.  Isn’t it wonderful when the logic of science is measured with the magic of childhood?   




3 responses

19 05 2011
Royan Lee

Such a beautiful, simple post.

19 05 2011
Heidi Siwak

The magic of childhood.

19 05 2011

I love the innocence of youth. We should all believe in a little magic!

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